- Electronic Arts

Making Sense of EA’s Social Data


Lead UX Designer


User Research, Usability Test, Interface Design, Data Visualization



EA owns one of the biggest game players communities in the world. Thousands of gameplay videos, images and gifs are uploaded every day. 

Player created content has been an important metric for companies in the game industry to evaluate a product and also drive business decisions. However, in the current market, there isn't any helpful tool. Our client, Electronic Arts, expect us to provide a solution to solve this problem. 


“How can EA better utilize the player generated content to drive business decision and also evaluate the product performance?”


User Research

Since this tool will be internal used for EA employees, it’s important to talk to the potential users and learn their needs. In total we conducted 4 one on one interviews with EA employees including 2 analysts, 1 marketing, and 1 community manager. Below are some key takeaways:

  1. Finding out the topics/in game items players are interested in

  2. Promoting engaging players that contribute to community frequently

  3. Sharing trending content internally easily and efficiently


Design and Iterations

As the lead designer on the team, I came up with several different designs of the possible interface. There are two key components I want to include for the design: Information parsed from videos and the videos themselves. I quickly created mockups in 2 weeks and show our client - in this way I can learn our client preference and also iterate based on the feedback.

Key Features



Label is an important component in the interface. It helps the user easily find out what’s trending among players in one glance. If there’s any keyword they are interested in they can quickly search to find out.


After selecting the labels, videos related to the label will be shown. Hovering over each dot you can see the title and preview of the video.
This feature allows user having a chance to learn players experience by browsing their game play videos.

Detail of video

We scraped most of the meta data from streaming platform, eg. likes, comments, views, and shares.
User can easily share the content with co-workers in the interface.



We have the prototype handed to our client at the end of project. They took it over and built on further features. Feel free to browse the walk through video I recorded and let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy:)