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Connecting mentors and mentees efficiently based on similar interests and availability


UX/Visual Designer


Market research, Service design, Information architecture, Wireframing, Visual design



Mentoring can be a great way to share knowledge and help someone be successful in their personal or professional life. But it needs lots of commitment and efforts for both sides. The whole process starts from looking for people to setting up a meeting can be a hassle.


Design an experience where prospective mentors and mentees can be matched, based on similar interests, location, and availability. Help mentor and mentee connect better by starting with little commitment and easy to schedule meeting.


Due to the limited timeline, I assume it is possible to connect the users’ professional network, calendar, and Google Maps.




I did one on one interview with people who have been mentors and mentees, and also search online about how people struggle with the whole experience. Here are my takeaway:

The struggles for mentors are:

1. Can I really be helpful to the mentee?

2. Can this person be open-minded and share the progress along the way?

3. Is the mentee active and prepared?

4. Can this person provide energy to me and make this a good use of time?

The struggles for mentees are:

1. Is this mentor committed to help me? Will they remember my background and context of job?

2. Can this mentor give actionable advice and think about the advice based on my standpoint?

For different industries, the specialties can be varied. In order to create a clear flow and content in the given time, I’d like to narrow down to mentorship for designers, which is also the area that I’m more familiar with and passionate about.


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 Information Architecture




Heartening Moments

For some mentors it’s hard to be committed to regular meetings. Moments can be a good place for them to engage with this community.

The questions are curated based on user’s profile. Users can see who else in the community respond to some questions and check update on questions they answer before.


Making Meaningful Connections

Mentorship can be a great way to broaden your professional connections. Even if mentors are not ready or available for regular meetings, it’s still good to connect with them. In this screen, users can see connections profile, manage connection invitation, and send direct message to connections.


Schedule Meeting

Back and forth scheduling meeting and decide where to be is a lot of work. By automatically sync with users’ calendar, during the conversation the chatbot assistant will pop up time or location suggestions for users. After setting up the meeting, the meeting will be put into schedule.



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