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Making Fitness Plan a fun and easy way based on user interests and habits


UX/Visual Designer


Market research, Service design, Information architecture, Wireframing, Visual design



Boutique fitness class has been a trend among millennials.  For the current market of the boutique fitness studio, the number of U.S. consumers attending fitness studios increased 15% on a base of 15.9 million in 2016. Instead of going to a gym that cost $30 a month, millennials would prefer cool studios where classes for cycling, boot camp or yoga can run $30 a session. 


Most of the fitness studio use their own apps to schedule class. Looking for information of the class and the instructor can be difficult.


How can we create a tool that users can choose the class that fits their workout goals, preferred class type, time, location and budget?



I always feel it’s beneficial for me to speak with some potential users because it can always bring different points of view. I talked to 5 friends who love going to fitness class to learn their experience so far and what are some pain points:

  1. Yelp and the studio websites are the main source of getting information. However, users can only get the reviews from Yelp to see if the class is a fit for them.

  2. The schedules are scattered, which makes planning workout a tedious work.

  3. The information of each class is not always clear. It would be helpful if there are reviews for each class or instructor.


User Journey



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Hi-fidelity Mock